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Mill Hall Volunteer Fire Company

Serving and protecting our community!

About Us

The Mill Hall Volunteer Fire Company is located on Peale Avenue in the Borough of Mill Hall, Pennsylvania. Our main coverage is Mill Hall Borough and Bald Eagle Township, though we run mutual-aid all over Clinton County and occasionally to our neighboring Centre and Lycoming counties.

Our company is recognized in Clinton County as Station 4. Clinton County is located in the middle of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. There are 22 Fire-EMS agencies In Clinton County.

Mill Hall Fire Company is a totally volunteer fire company and registered as a nonprofit organization.

We are always looking for volunteers to train and equip to expand our roster and serve our community. There are also other opportunities to serve, for those who would volunteer in other areas within the company, not just firefighting.


The Mill Hall Volunteer Fire Company became active in 1901 and was incorporated on the 8th of August 1921 when twenty-four of the Mill Hall emergency responders set their hands to form the charter of incorporation of the Fire Company.

Mission Statement

Serving and protecting our community.

Company Officers


You will find our executive and fireline personnel below. Their position, name, and term are listed.


President, Ralph Fryer, 2023-2024
Vice-President, Evan Duck, 2023-2024
Recording Secretary, Donald Grant, 2023-2024
Assistant Recording Secretary, Tony Walker, 2023-2024
Financial Secretary, Bill Strunk, 2023-2024
Assistant Financial Secretary, Annette Hunsinger, 2023-2024
Treasurer, Doug Shultz, 2023-2024
Assistant Treasurer, Alan Sementelli, 2023-2024
Trustee, Donald Grant, 2023-2024
Trustee, Alan Sementelli, 2023-2024
Trustee, William Wolford, 2023-2024
Trustee, Bill Strunk, 2024-2025
Trustee, Doug Shultz, 2024-2025


Fire Chief, Tony Walker, 2023-2024
Deputy Fire Chief, Evan Duck, 2023-2024
Assistant Fire Chief, Doug Shultz, 2023-2024
Captain, William Wolford, 2023-2024
Lieutenant, OPEN, 2023-2024
EMS Captain, Alan Sementelli, 2023-2024
Chaplain, Donald Grant, 2023-2024
Assistant Chaplain, Annette Hunsinger, 2023-2024


Our equipment allows us to help those in need! The ID, Type, Manufacturer, Water Capacity, Pump, and 5” Supply Hose Length are included in the listing.
4, Engine, 1994 Pierce, 1000 Gallons, 2000 GPM, 1500’
4-1, Tanker Pumper, 1990 Pierce, 1500 Gallons, 2000 GPM, 1000’
4-2, Tanker Pumper, 2001 Pierce, 1500 Gallons, 1750 GPM, 1000’
Brush 4, Brush Truck, 2008 Ford Reading First Responder, 300, 400, 200’ 2½” Hose, 500’ Forestry Hose, 5 Gallon Foam Tank
Other Equipment: 8 Individual Thermal Imaging Cameras

Fund Raisers

Annual Solicitation Letter

Mailed to arrive during Fire Prevention Week in October.


Most Friday evenings with
doors opening at 5:30pm and games beginning at 6:30pm.

Annual Fisherman’s Breakfast

First Saturday of fishing
season 6 to 10am
Call Us: 570-726-4792

Contact us

Mill Hall Volunteer Fire Company | 570-726-4792
9 East Peale Avenue, Mill Hall, PA 17745

Mill Hall Fire Department